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          City to promote foreign investment


            SHENZHEN recently released a series of measures to promote high-quality development of foreign investments to help foreign businesses get through this challenging time, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reported.

            To improve services, Shenzhen will formulate a comprehensive service mechanism to maintain communications with foreign businesses and understand their difficulties in resuming businesses.

            With the mechanism, the city will be able to understand foreign-funded enterprises’ basic information including the progress on returning to work, rate of employee return, capacity utilization and turnover.

            In terms of level of openness, Shenzhen will protect foreign-funded businesses’ rights and strictly implement the negative list for foreign investment projects.

            Efforts will be made to attract more foreign investment to fields such as advanced manufacturing, emerging industries and cutting-edge technologies.

            In addition, foreign-invested companies will be encouraged to participate in government procurements in a fair way. Channels will be opened for suppliers to address complaints and issues.

            Concerning business operation, Shenzhen will help foreign-funded businesses to apply for financial support and encourage districts to release more preferential policies on top of the provincial and municipal policies.

            Property owners are advised to reduce rents for foreign-funded enterprises. Financial institutions are encouraged to provide more loans and credits.

            At the same time, the city will take further measures to make foreign investment freer and more convenient in the city. Efforts will also be made to reduce costs for foreign-invested companies.

            In addition, Shenzhen will continue finding ways to improve the investment environment.

            Commerce authorities at both municipal and district levels will work to make regulations on protecting foreign investment, make it easier for foreign-invested enterprises to lodge a complaint and improve intellectual property protection.?


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